December 6, 2009

Dec 18(Fri) Lale Sayoko @ DROM, NYC

Dec 18th (fri)
NakaNaka presents: Bella Gaia Live ensemble / BoNenKai!
DROM (see above)
7:00 doors open
7:30 pm BoNenKai Performance! featuring Kaoru Watanabe, Tomas Fujiwara and members of the Bella Gaia Ensemble
8:00 pm BELLA GAIA Live Ensemble - "A Poetic Vision of Earth from Space"

Come celebrate the closing of 2009, NakaNaka style. Kaoru will be leading an ensemble of musician friends in a joyous celebration of a year's worth of laughter and pain, love and hate, and the spiraling nosedive of the world's economy, featuring the sounds of taiko drums, the koto, and a wide assortment of western and other eastern instruments.

Following BoNenKai! will be a special screening of BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth). This extraordinary film successfully simulates space flight, is a 'Living Atlas' multimedia journey of our world, and expresses the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts. Created by award winning director and classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, and in collaboration with NASA, BELLA GAIA(TM) features live performances by Williams and such musicians as Kaoru (flutes and taiko), Yumi Kurosawa (koto), Shanir Blumenkrantz (bass, oud), Lale Sayoko (belly dance) and A.R. Balaskandan (mridangam, kanjira and violin) against a large-screen backdrop of orbiting visualizations of Earth from space.
more details: here


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